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Why You Should Eat Lobsters

If you are looking for foods rich in vitamins and calcium among other minerals, consider eating seafood. Lobsters and other seafood are with ease available especially if you live along the coasts and are sold at a reasonable price. For those with limited contact to coasts, don’t be shy to a times to spend on the menu. This is why you should be eating seafood.

Despite lobsters having a significant amount of sodium that may impact negatively to the health of your heart, they contain other nutrients that add to you having a healthy heart. You should consider having lobsters in your menu as they reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Lobsters, the nutrient-filled crustaceans have a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals that reduce the chance of you getting arthritis. Omega fats in the lobsters can reduce inflammation and joint tenderness which are the primary symptoms of inflammatory arthritis. Not so many people know that you can prevent and reduce the risk of ovarian and colorectal cancers by high intake of plates of seafood. White meat help to combat breast cancer compared to other meats, seafood are source of white meat.

By consuming seafood like lobsters you improve the working of your nervous systems and coordination. To help how message is relayed through your nervous system, increase your intake of lobsters and seafood since they are rich in choline which is known to facilitate the neurotransmitters’ production. The good thing about this is, this increases the sharpness of your brain increasing efficiency of the brain, This protects you from neuron-degenerative disease like Alzheimer.
Lobsters and other seafood cuisines like crabs have high amounts of proteins which should be an essential part of your diet. With the high content of proteins, the intake of seafood will result in an energetic individual. The rich source of proteins also are fundamental building blocks of the body. By increasing the intake of proteins, the body is able to produce new cells, repair damaged tissues and generally ensure that your organs work effectively.

Having strong bones and teeth is important as this prevents osteoporosis, eating seafood which is rich in bone-strengthening minerals therefore should be a part of our diet too. Through the minerals, you are able to prevent bone-related illness.

Nutrients like minerals from seafood protect the macula, the part of the that provides sharp, central vision needed to see objects clearly, from damage keeping your eyes healthy. By consuming two or three servings of seafood per week, you can reduce the risk of presbycusis loss of hearing linked to age-related hearing loss.

Individuals who suffer from depression can benefit a lot from the cuisines as the fats in them help to retreat disorder, for instance, bipolar disorder can be treated using omega fats.

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