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Garage Door Repair Services

Several equipment are used when wanting to install a garage door. When the materials and tools are acquired then the installation process begins. Measuring, attaching hinges and handles is the beginning of the door installation process. Several areas are measured before installation of the door commences. The measurement for each area should be in a certain range so as to have the perfect door installation.

After obtaining the proper measurements, attaching of temporary hinges and stops is done by flushing the inside edge of the door jamb. Also saw horses are used by laying the bottom piece of the new door and attaching any weather stripping. The process of attaching door hinges is done after measurement is done with inclusion of other process.

When measuring and attaching of door hinges is done, setting of the bottom piece into position is done. A level is used to properly set the piece once it has been inserted into the door frame. After using a level to set the piece properly then the nails are tapped partway into each wood jamb. The nails that are tapped into each wood jamb are then slanted or bent. Manufacturer’s instructions need to be followed when assembling the curved, vertical and horizontal pieces. Installation of the remaining panels is the third step when installing garage doors. Nail hammering is done after the second panel is installed. The side jambs is the position in which nail hammering is done to hold it in place.

Installation of the hinges follows the process of second panel addition through nail hammering. When all sections are secured addition of rollers is done as the next step. So as to secure the track brackets the rollers are placed in the assembled track using a roller support system. The rollers need not to be pressed too tightly against the track as friction can cause door damage. In the process of door installation securing of tracks and attaching of springs is done. Securing against the jambs is done for vertical tracks so as to install the curved and horizontal pieces.

Use of previous measurements are used to and leveling also in order to make sure the tracks are straight and therefore installation horizontal pieces. When the tracks are secured the springs are assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The garage door is lifted half-length in order to ensure and check the tracks if they are parallel and level. Easy location of garage door installation and repair services is a trait for many individuals. Garage installation and repair services need to offer prices that are consumer friendly so as to attract and retain clients.

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